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FilterQueen Defender Air Purifier


"When used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a home or confined space."


“The First Responders continue to protect us while COVID-19 spreads through our communities. I want to make sure that WE are doing everything we can to protect them when they come to our store. My employees are like family, so I have a responsibility to provide them with the safest possible environment at work. That’s why we run the FilterQueen Defender all day in our store. It constantly purifies the air for both my staff and our valued customers.”

Joe Cianciolo, Stonewall Uniforms

I work at a Senior Assisted Living facility. I purchased four Defender Air Purifiers for the areas that have odor problems. I used the Defender and it cleared the odor in one day. One Defender replaces two air scrubbers that had not done the job!

Robert B., Saucon Valley Manor

I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to have a Defender in their business, and my employees are like family to me, so we're going to do everything here that we can, including using air purification like the Defender to protect my employees. That added level of security gives me the confidence to stay open and to almost brag to our customers what we're doing.

Walter Miraglia, Bella Cucina Ristorante

We have added 4 Defenders to Avanti Salon and they are working well. We use them on the Medium setting. Our employees really appreciate the extra layer of protection that the Defenders provide. Although we sanitize surfaces throughout the day and fog every night, knowing that the air quality is being improved throughout the day is a nice added sense of security. Our guests feel the same way as our staff does. One comment we received from a guest was, "I would much rather see those air purifiers throughout the salon rather than vases or plants".

Tony Paterniti, Avanti Salon